Pets in the Park presented by K-Lane Kennels

Bentley and Friends

I plan on raising funds so the good life our sweet Sheltie Bentley had can be the norm for all animals. We lost him last July, however since then we now have a new 4 legged weirdo in Emma ready to take over where Bentley left off.

2018 Dog Jog was Bentley's last event and run before we lost him, our new girl, Aussie Emma is ready to run her first event and it seemed fitting this be the one to start with! Come join the team and walk/run/spend some time with all our 4 legged friends!

I’m participating in the Wag'n'Walk-a-thon because I believe in helping those who can’t help or speak for themselves.

You have just made the first step towards something amazing by becoming a Dog Jog fundraiser for the homeless animals at the Regina Humane Society. But please remember, registering is not enough! The funds we need to help the more than 4,400 abandoned, neglected and abused animals each year comes from your team’s personal fundraising efforts.

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