Team Captain Information

Teams of friends, family, or coworkers are a huge asset to the fundraising experience. Working together, you can encourage, compete, and get each other excited to be the best you can be!


As a team captain, you will be recruiting team members and motivating them to fundraise.

Where can you find team members? You can find team members almost anywhere!

  • Send an e-mail or letter to everyone in your e-mail address book
  • Mention it to a friend or family member the next time you chat
  • Talk to your human resources director and put together a team of your co-workers 
  • Pass out flyers in your neighborhood or put up a poster at the community centre
  • Invite your neighbors and other people in your area to join you 
  • Ask us about other individual walkers who may want to join a team

Set a Fundraising Goal 

Remember to aim high! A challenging fundraising goal gives your teammates something to aspire to, and something to celebrate when you finally achieve it!


Donations don't just appear by themselves - it takes a bit of effort from you and your teammates to start them rolling in!

Most of our participants find fundraising to be much easier than they thought... all it takes is to ASK. Make sure everyone on your team has sent out donation requests via social media, or using the email functions in your Participant Center. There are even pre-written messages to help you in your quest for donations. 

Communicate often with your team to let them know how much they have raised and how much more is needed to reach your team's goal. You can use your Participant Center to easily communicate with all of your team members at once. 

Work Together

The great thing about being on a team is that you're not in this alone - you have a whole group of people working towards the same goal! So why not branch out in your fundraising efforts in a unique and fun way?

A few ideas for team-based fundraising capers:

  • Plan a jeans day or similar simple office-centric event to encourage your coworkers to donate
  • Plan a car wash or other community event 
  • Host a BBQ or bake sale 
  • Talk to your local pub or community centre about organizing a charity music or comedy night
  • Collect your teammates' odds and ends and host a multi-family garage sale

The important rule to remember about fundraising with your team is...there are no rules! Get out there, be loud, and have fun. And most importantly, remember that you're doing all this for a very important cause: helping deserving local animals who truly need you!