The Keys to Successful Fundraising

We know fundraising can seem scary but it doesn't have to be! The number one reason people don't give is simply because they weren't asked. Using this online system makes it easy to ask your friends and family and the tips below can help you raise even more funds! 

1. Be Organized and Plan Ahead

The thermometer on your personal webpage reflects your fundraising goal. Set your goal and let others know how much you are planning to raise. When you reach your goal - bump it up and keep going! Check your page often to keep motivated.

2. Be Loud and Proud!

Facebook, Email & Twitter are just a few ways you can get the word out. Tell everyone you know that you're collecting donations, and ask them to support you. 

Ask your friends, family and co workers to join your Dog Jog team. Put a pledge form up at your desk or design your own donation box. Go through your contacts and send out a group email to ask for a donation (remember to include a link to your personal fundraising page).

3. Be Informed

Get to know a few fast facts about the RHS. People are more likely to donate if you can tell them why you are fundraising and speak about the cause. Most people are not aware how many animals we take in every year (apx. 4,500) and would want to help if they did.  

4. Double your Donations

Lots of companies offer a corporate matching donation program. Make sure to ask if your company is one of them!

5. Plan a Fundraising Event

Turn your fundraising into a social event. It's as easy as having a party at your house, or a jeans day at work. We have lots of fundraising ideas for you - email our team to discuss planning your own Dog Jog event.

Other Ideas:

  • Use the holidays. Instead of gifts for holidays or your birthday, ask for donations.
  • Hold a raffle. Ask people to make a donation to receive a ticket for a drawing and ask a local retailer to donate a prize that the winner will receive.
  • Offer to do something unusual or embarrassing that you know your friends would love to see if you raise a specific amount - like shave your head or dye your hair a crazy color.
  • Ask companies that you frequent if they would be willing to sponsor you at a certain level. This is an easy way to get a large donation fast!
  • Include a link to donate in the signature of your email and mention the Dog Jog and the website on your voicemail.
  • Create your own Dog Jog business cards that include a brief synopsis of the Dog Jog, your name, and the website to register or donate. Pass these out to everyone you know and encounter!